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Sad Violin


A violin piece that conveys the sadness of Will and Jem’s separation.

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Heronstairs: A Conclusion.

jem: listen here you little shit

jem: i'm tired of you going around treating people like demon crap

jem: and stop fucking biting vampires you stupid fucking twat

jem: and if you say another word about demon pox i will stuff your mouth full with balios' matter

jem: and those ducks are just another bunch of innocent creatures personally victimized by you

jem: and that punch was nothing, the next time you go to a drug den i'll personally test those ducks' ability to eat flesh on you, in the dead of night




jem: i fucking love you will you marry me

will: okay


Rumbelle scenes from Once Upon a Time 4x01

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Will: Prepare for trouble

Jem: Make it double

Will: To protect the world from devastation

Jem: To unite all shadowhunters within our nation

Will: To denounce the evils of truth and love

Jem: To extend our reach to the stars above

Will: William

Jem: James

Will: Parabatai blast off at the speed of light

Jem: Surrender now or prepare to fight

Henry: By the angel, that’s right!

Best dialogue ever

Will: I see you’re determined to miss my point.

Jem: If your point is that there was a pretty girl in the room and it was distracting you, then I think I’ve taken your point handily.

Will: You think she’s pretty?

Jem: Yes, and you do too.

Will: I hadn’t noticed, really.

Jem: Yes, you have, and I’ve noticed you noticing.


it was a simpler time

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